A Portion of My Thoughts!


Free DLC!

I just downloaded The Word is Ours. Awesome! XD

Shit Gut Feeling

I have this gut feeling that history is going to repeat itself. There’s like a ticking time bomb to awkwardness. It’s brewing. Time to CHILL. I don’t really like being continuously pushed into something that in the end I feel forced because I have to. 

No crying over spilled milk.

Mukhang kailangan… what happened friend? XD

Walang signal yung mobile WiFi ko sa Bora… xD

Online Diaries

Online diaries aren’t very uncommon. It’s pretty nice to be able to post about your day or night and getting empathy/sympathy from your readers.

We ought to be careful when posting because anything you put out there, specially on the internet is for everyone to see. You wouldn’t really want the public to see your diary, well unless that’s your thing.

Responsible posting should be practiced. Always think twice before posting your life online. You’ll never know when “big brother” is watching and in this case, reading.

#HealthyFood mode? fuckin ’ #sick

#HealthyFood mode? fuckin ’ #sick

Harhar’s Penoy! #penoy

Harhar’s Penoy! #penoy

Yummy TAHONG! Ala pobre! #seafood

Yummy TAHONG! Ala pobre! #seafood

Commute ang Nang Yan!

Parang nakiramay ako sa ka-busihan ng araw na ito. Today is officially the first day of school for most if not all college and universities.

I was almost late for work despite leaving thirty minutes earlier than usual. I had about two and a half hours.

Traffic in Edsa was horrendous. Seriously! What happened?! I hope tomorrow would be a lot better. I may need to allot 3 hours to commute from home to work… hayz!

Going home is currently a bit of a hassle. Anyare? San napunta yung mga FX?! Hahaha!

Mapuno na sana itong “FX” (van naman kasi talaga ito pero FX pa din tawag) at nang makalarga na pauwi.


This is what we do in the office when we’re not busy.


This is what we do in the office when we’re not busy.

Awesome weekend getaway!
May 24 to 25, 2014

We can’t wait to get our hands on this!!!

Random Trip Somewhere

A friend that I have not seen for quite sometime has planned a trip that’s a bit far away… well for me anyways.

For some reason, I now have enough funds to say yes to that.

See you soon my friend, see you soon!